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  • I have never done any boxing, kickboxing or strength training, can I still join?"
    It is never too late to start training. We have members of all ages and fitness levels, and our fitness classes are tailored to the fitness and skill level of the individual. So don't worry, you'll get shown what to do as you go.
  • Do you offer personal training?
    Yes. No Quarter has a team of qualified and experienced trainers. For more information on personal training click here.
  • Am I going to get punched in the face?
    In short, no... We are a boxing gym, we do have a boxing ring and we also have people that fight. But you don't have to take part in anything you don't want to. If you're looking to compete and learn the art of boxing, take a look at the FIGHT TEAM TRAINING section of our class description.
  • What do I need for class?
    During your week free trial we can provide you with gloves and we have hand wraps that you can buy. After your trial we can sell you a pair of gloves if you're interested, or you can continue to use or gloves for a small rental fee. Wear something you can comfortably move around in. Bring a towel and water bottle. If you have specialised boxing shoes or boots, you can wear these during training. If you don't, it's not a problem. The majority of our members train barefoot as our classes are held on gymnastics mats.
  • Why can't I wear shoes on the mats?
    For a couple of reasons. You cannot wear regular training shoes on the mats. Here's why: 1. They will tear the mats while pivoting. (You will see people wearing boxing shoes on the mats but these shoes are a flat sole designed to pivot and not grab the floor). 2. People train barefoot so if you walk in dirt and glass from the street it may potentially hurt someone. 3. Similarly to the last answer, we spend a lot of time rolling around on the floor doing conditioning in classes so we try to keep the mats as clean as possible.
  • Do you have showers?
    Yes. We have a shower and two changing rooms available for members.
  • Do you have parking?
    Yes. We have off street parking.
  • Can I use the equipment during classes?
    Yes, But classes take priority.. We have enough space ane equipment to cater for people that want to do their own training. Just check with an instructor first.
  • Can kids train?
    Unfortunately at this point we only allow participants from 16 years and up.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    You can cancel your membership at any time with a 4 week notice period. For changes to your membership, simply send an email to member management at
  • Can I freeze my membership?
    Yes. You can freeze your membership up to 4 weeks every 12 months. For longer durations or if your conditions change, contact member management via email at
  • Can I hire the space?
    Yes. No Quarter's training space, equipment and boxing ring is available for private hire for trainers, occupational therapists and film crews. For enquires, contact
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