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No Quarter offers a variety of specialised and conditioning training.

Our classes all have a technical focus and our trainers concentrate on teaching proper techniques.  In short, we don't do "boxercise".  


BOXING - open to everyone
A concentrated, high-energy training session.  This class is for anyone from the beginner all the way through to experienced fighters. It is a fitness based class that draws on a foundation of boxing techniques and drills.  Sessions include a variety of partner work, bag work, plus strength and conditioning. 

KICKBOXING - open to everyone

Similar to the boxing class, this is a fitness based session open to all experience levels. Sessions give participants a basic understanding of kicks, knees and punches and combining these for an intense training session.


X - TRAINING - open to everyone
A general conditioning session combining weights and cardio, this is a great session for anyone looking to improve their overall fitness, strength, speed, power, flexibility, agility, mobility and a great way to lose weight.

STRENGTH TRAINING - open to everyone

These training sessions are designed using pure strength training principles, exercises (Squats, lifts, Presses and Pulls) using Bars, Bells, Bags, Plates and Balls. Test your current fitness levels and work towards new strength goals in this challenging training session.

NO QU(HITT)ER - open to everyone

This is one of our newest training sessions that was designed by the Brains Trust at No Quarter.. This session combines all facets of training we do at our gym.  The session is a 45 minute mixed bag of fitness boxing, strength training and conditioning training.

YOGA  - open to everyone

Is a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, diet control, and positive thinking and meditation aimed at developing harmony in the body, mind, and environment. ... Most people are familiar with the physical poses or yoga positions but don't know that yoga involves so much more.


FIGHT TEAM TRAINING - (Sparring level only)

This session is an advanced skills session for people looking to develop their boxing.  It focusses on boxing skills offence, defence, footwork technical boxing and tactics.  This session is a pathway to boxing sparring and joining the No Quarter Fight team, the Knuckle Heads.
NB: This is a contact class and is not open to anyone without the appropriate safety equipment. Participants must be cleared by a No Quarter trainer before taking part.


Take your training to the next level and test yourself and what you've learned.
Sparring is an opportunity to train against someone else and work on the technical aspects of competitive boxing. 
Participants must be cleared by a No Quarter trainer before taking part.

MASTERS SPARRING - open for men and women 40 years and older.

The same as regular sparring but this session is closed off to people under the age of 40. In Boxing people between the ages between 40 and 70 are classified as Masters. The masters sessions give people an opportunity to practice boxing in an environment where they're not getting pounded by someone half their age. Participants must be cleared by a No Quarter trainer before taking part.


PARKINSON'S BOXING - open to everyone.
A number of recent studies have shown that boxing training can slow the effects of Parkinson's in most sufferers.
This class is endorsed by Parkinson's New South Wales and was developed by Steve Schimer, a Parkinson's sufferer (as well as one of our coaches) in coordination with No Quarter.

This program aids in the development of coordination, balance, strength and mobility, all of which help people with Parkinson's live a regular lifestyle. More importantly he has created a community for People with Parkinson's to train and fight back together.

For more information on our Parkinson's program



Channel 10's THE PROJECT came in to find out Steve's amazing story.




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